Zhineng Qigong Practice

Zhineng Qigong – the higher stage of learning

Zhineng Qigong Knowledge

When you know the exercise, that is the movements, by heart,
there follows now the higher stage of learning.

Through words or written words, i.e. texts, the sequence
of the movements is explained in more detail.
Audio books on CD are also recordings of spoken words
that you can hear again.

What you cannot see in the movement is explained
and also the technique how to do the exercise
without muscle power and where the power of
the muscle is still required.

Now you understand the exercise better and
the exercise remains no form any more and
is filled with contents.

You should know the sequence of the movements by heart.
This is how you are able to concentrate on the interpretation.

It is like a poem. If you know it by heart,
it is possible to concentrate on the interpretation.

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