Zhineng Qigong Practice

Evening school and Zhineng Qigong


For two years I attended Zhineng Qigong courses
at the evening school held by a Chinese teacher
with certificate from China. Each participant got
written material on the exercises in German.
All exercises were demonstrated again and again
upon request. The Chinese teacher was very good
– Nevertheless, I had the feeling: There is no progress.

What did I miss:
There were no corrections for the individual exercises –
this is also not different in China and not usual.
The teacher was not able to organize a large qi field.
She had not learned it and even told us so.

How is it today:
I know about the necessary corrections.
I have learned the missing theory.
How to organize a large qi field, I know about that.
The specialty of Zhineng Qigong is practising in a large qi field.

Where did I learn that:
Not at evening school – this goes beyond the limits of
what is possible there. You need a very good teacher
with courses outside the evening school and
you have to go in search of him and find him.

Learning and practising by having something demonstrated
and copying it, is the basic stage of learning.
The teaching at the evening school was very good,
but it was the basic stage of learning – not more.

Posted in German by detlef,
translated into English by dolores