Flying Crane Qigong

Zhineng Qigong Knowledge

To avoid any misunderstanding,
I expressly point out:

Flying Crane Qigong as per Dr. Pang Ming
is an open qigong exercise and historic.

It was the time before Zhineng Qigong.
I myself practise Zhineng Qigong.
I do not practise Flying Crane Qigong.

It is not an integral part of the exercises
of the six levels of Zhineng Qigong.

The basic exercises of Zhineng Qigong
were developed for sick people.

They have to be as simple as possible
and very easy to learn.
Any risk has to be excluded.

The Flying Crane Qigong is still
too difficult for sick people.
This applies also to Dr. Pang Ming’s
revised version without part six.
Merely, all risks have been eliminated.

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